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Rapper Rick Ross revisits child support agreement

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Family Law

Most Pennsylvania custodial parents know they can take an ex back to court for child support modifications should there be substantial changes in income for either parent. A new order by the court will need to be obtained for the  required adjustments to take place. Tia Kemp, the woman who shares a son with rapper Rick Ross has requested and received an increase in child support from the performer.

Kemp made an attempt to legally name Ross as her son’s father in 2007, who was a year old at the time. It took three years but an agreement was reached over the matters of custody and financial support. However, as Ross’ entertainment popularity and fan base increased over the years, so did his bank account. Kemp tried in 2015 to get more child support but said Ross would not give her requested information on his finances on which she could base a petition for a more realistic monthly sum.

According to Ross, the more money he has made, the more Kemp has wanted. He says Kemp does not have a paying job and wants the additional funds not only for their son, but for her children from other relationships as well as her grandchildren. He feels the money he has been paying her more than pays for everything their son needs. Nevertheless, during mediation they came to a new financial arrangement. There were several concerns the former couple had not been able to settle in the past, but this new agreement included resolutions to them all.

Many times the animosity between exes can prevents them from focusing on what is best for the child. As parents, they both have a responsibility in providing child support to the best of their ability. Parents having a difficult time concurring can seek the expertise of a Pennsylvania family law attorney who will help negotiate an agreement that protects the client’s interests and benefits the child.