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Father faces job loss, jail time in nonpayment of child support

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Family Law

Child support is the responsibility of both parents, whether they are together or not. It can be constricting to the finances of a noncustodial parent, but not receiving regular payments can be detrimental to the custodial parent and the child. Pennsylvania parents may be interested in the story of a police officer who lied about his paycheck, just so he would not have to pay so much in child support.

An investigation into a separate incident involving this police officer uncovered the fact that he did not pay over $15,000 in child support in the last years before his child reached the age of 21 in 2017. To keep from making the payments his income warranted, he allegedly lied to a family court judge about the adjustment in his paychecks five years ago. He is on restricted duty while he awaits judgment.

Should the officer be convicted of the various crimes with which he has been charged, including grand larceny and perjury, he could lose his job and spend as long as seven years in prison. He pleaded not guilty to the charges against him via his attorney during a recent court appearance. He is expected to face the judge again in September.

It can be extremely hard for a custodial parent to get by on one paycheck, even if there is only one child. Both parents should be willing to make sacrifices to see that the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter and medical care for the child are being met. Parents in Pennsylvania who are having difficulty with an ex on the matter of child support are advised to find legal representation who will help in their pursuit of the necessities to which the child is entitled.