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Child custody case point of argument in council meeting

The Department of Social Services in any Pennsylvania community may remove a child from a home for any number of reasons. While the agency may decide an alternate child custody arrangement is best for the child, parents or other relatives often have a differing opinion and will fight to regain guardianship. Two city councilmen are at odds over a child custody situation that has been brought before the board on numerous occasions.

Only a few months old, a little boy was removed from his home by DSS for safety reasons when there was a question of how medical issues were being handled by the parents. Now, nearly two years later, the father is continuing his plea to the board to investigate the DSS and how they are managing the case. He is not alone, as friends and family have voiced their support of the family in previous council meetings. The father is a member of the U.S. Navy, and he and his wife have eight other children who are all still living at home.

One council member has defended DSS, calling the family bullies in their attempt to regain custody of their son. He is alluding to the fact that the father has taken to social media to criticize the agency and its officials. A second council member has shown support for the family and would like to know why the agency is handling the situation the way it has chosen.

While it can be beneficial to have government officials giving their support, parents need the expertise of an attorney when it comes to similar matters. An attorney can ensure all proper documentation required by the court is procured for a concise presentation. There are several attorneys in Pennsylvania who will be able to assist a family embroiled in a child custody fight.