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Irreconcilable differences often given as reason for divorce

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Divorce

Some Pennsylvania residents love to keep up with their favorite celebrities. News of marriage, children and divorce often entice fans into wanting to hear all the exciting and juicy details that gossip outlets have to convey. Although only the most die hard fans of Aerosmith may know who Erin Brady is, her recent divorce has made the news because of her association with the band.

Brady was a woman with whom Steven Tyler was deeply in love several years ago. Their relationship began in 2008 and lasted five years. They both wanted to marry, but Tyler’s family and friends were against the union. Ultimately, the lack of support from those nearest and dearest won out, and Tyler and Brady ended their involvement.

Two years later, Brady married a man who was not a celebrity but who was an artist and a designer. Just three years after they wed, he filed for divorce, listing irreconcilable differences as the justification. He is asking for spousal support from her and to terminate the ability of the court to award her spousal support. He also wants joint physical and legal custody of the daughter they had during their marriage.

Celebrity or not, filing for divorce can be complicated, stressful and frustrating. The circumstances of each couple are different, so the process through which one couple may go will most likely be different than that of another. Utilizing the expertise of an attorney who is familiar with the divorce laws of Pennsylvania will ensure the rights of a client are represented at every step until the action is finalized.