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Man given last chance to pay child support before jail time

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Family Law

Some custodial parents in Pennsylvania know what it is like to not have enough money to meet budgetary requirements. In most cases, this is due to unpaid child support by an ex. A man has recently been given an ultimatum on paying the child support he owes.

A 2011 court appearance resulted in the man being ordered to pay $215 in child support each month for the next 15 years. Six years later, it was discovered he had not been paying any money at all. A judge ordered 24 months of probation and raised the monthly payments by $50. There were other stipulations given at the time, including acquiring his GED.

Another year has passed and, according to an attorney for the county, the man has still not made any headway on paying the child support he owes. The attorney requested the judge authorize time in jail. The man’s attorney argued that health problems are to blame for his inability to make payments and requested her client remain on probation, stating that he would adhere to any additional conditions given by the court. The judge acquiesced but warned this would be the man’s last chance to make payments or he would be serving time in jail.

It is hard to raise a child alone, but when there is no child support, it can seem impossible at times. A custodial parent may have to make the difficult choice between food for a few meals or a coat to keep warm during the winter. Pennsylvania parents who are having trouble when attempting to get financial support from an ex need to speak to an attorney who will explain the options available for collection of money owed.