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Couple faces divorce amid abuse accusations

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Divorce

Appearances can be deceiving. While a Pennsylvania couple may seem to most of the world to have a strong, happy marriage, divorce may be lurking in the near future. A development project that would have been beneficial to a Midwestern town has been scrapped because of the bitter divorce proceedings of two of its partners.

Although the couple presented a united front during the public presentation of the $70 million project, within three months the wife had filed for divorce as well as a restraining order from her husband. The husband had moved out of their house but the wife claims there was an episode where he returned to verbally harass her, witnessed by a friend visiting her home at the time. She submitted pictures of herself with physical injuries she says were caused by her husband. According to her statement, his abuse worsened after his father fired him from the family business.

He refutes the allegations that there was abuse of any kind. However, a year prior he was arrested for multiple offenses after the couple had an altercation at a local restaurant. The wife filed a restraining order at the time but withdrew the request. She is now seeking $96,500 a month in interim spousal support.

Whatever the motive a couple claims when filing for divorce, the process may seem overwhelming. An attorney can help a client understand what to expect in court as well as to help negotiate child support and custody, spousal support and the division of assets. Those in Pennsylvania who are seeking a divorce will want an attorney who has experience gaining successful outcomes for his or her clients.

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