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Why do parents modify child custody orders?

Over time, it might be necessary for you and your ex to discuss modifications of an existing child custody order. The child custody plan is created with the best interests of your kids in mind, so when needs or situations change, it makes sense that the arrangement would change as well. Very Well Family offers a few examples of when a custody order might need to be altered. 

If you have primary physical custody, your ex will be allowed visitation. This ensures that kids and parents are able to maintain a tight bond even when they don’t reside in the same home. Your ex might not show up on days when visits are scheduled or make abrupt changes to visitation, which is often troubling to kids looking forward to spending time with their parent. Should you request a modification, the court will look at the reasons why the existing schedule isn’t being followed, as well as whether you are communicating effectively. 

You or your ex may also decide to move at some point. When moving a great distance away, existing visitation and custody arrangements are often disrupted. For example, it will be impossible for your ex-spouse to keep up with weekend visits if he lives on the other side of the country. While parents are encouraged to work out a new arrangement that suits all involved, the court can also step in to make a determination. 

There are also situations where a child faces significant danger in a parent’s home. This might stem from abuse or neglect, or it could result from criminal wrongdoing going on inside the home while the child is present. Whatever the reason, it’s imperative that you contact your legal team and the court immediately when you learn of the situation. Fast action is necessary to keep your child out of harm’s way.