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Controlling the outcome of your Pennsylvania high-asset divorce

In a high-asset divorce, much is at stake. In most cases, it is less about the property you receive in the divorce and more about wanting a fair division of assets. You probably contributed a great deal to your marriage in the form of money, responsibility or support. In turn, you want to walk away from the divorce with a fair property settlement that reflects your contributions.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to control all aspects of a divorce. However, you can play a role in the property settlement stage of ending a marriage.

Do this before starting your divorce

You may have more control than you believe in the outcome of your divorce. The steps you take early can ensure that you get a balanced property settlement. Here are three examples:

  1. Gather your financial documents: Do not overlook anything related to your assets and expenses. If in doubt about what to include, go ahead and add it to your file.
  2. Assemble a high-asset divorce team: Some of the professionals to consult with include a forensic accountant, an experienced family law attorney and a real estate appraiser.
  3. Consider the possibility of hidden assets: Try to form an objective viewpoint about whether your spouse would go so far as to keep a portion of assets out of the divorce. If you believe it is possible, inform your attorney so that he or she can begin searching for these assets.

Good preparation can help you exercise a degree of control over how your divorce concludes. You can find additional topics about property division and divorce in Pennsylvania on our firm’s website.